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Dear Ally,

As Pride month has just begun, Certified Proud are excited to open The Certified Proud Fund for applications. The Certified Proud Fund aims to financially support charities, non-profit organisations and projects which are working for the betterment of the LGBTQ+ community.

Whilst progress is being made every day, the need to support the LGBTQ+ community is imperative in 2023. Over the past three years, they have seen an increase in homophobic, transphobic and biphobic abuse. It is crucial to ensure LGBTQ+ visibility, safety and inclusivity as together, we try to create a fair and equal world.

When a company joins the Certified Proud network, they pay a membership fee; 40% of which is donated to “The Certified Proud Fund”. The Certified Proud Fund aims to financially support charities, non-profit organisations and projects which are working for the betterment of the LGBTQ+ community.

Last year, the fund supported four wonderful organisations which are all working to create a more inclusive world for queer people. The organisations were HIV Ireland, Na Gaeil Aeracha, Southill Hub, and The Switchboard. You can read more about them here.

The application process for the 2023 Certified Proud Fund are now open and will close on June 23rd at midnight. Thet want to hear from all organisations that are making Ireland a better place for the LGBTQ+ community. So whether they are working on a project for LGBTQ+ inclusion, or if you know someone who is, make sure to check out the Certified Proud Fund!

For more information, visit

I know the whole team at Certified Proud will be eternally grateful for your support.

I joined Certified Proud a couple of years back. You can read more about why I joined Certified Proud in my blog.  You can also learn more about why Certified Proud started from its founder Liam Redmond on this podcast episode.

And a little plug for my soon to launch business to business network; it’s called Ignite Business Network.  One of the core values is inclusion and diversity.  Ignite Business Network stands for equality, diversity and inclusion.  It supports everyone in business knowing that they have the permission to be.  The permission to be themselves.

Please do sign up to support Certified Proud and submit an application of a cause that is worthy of support from their funds!

Be an ally.

Jean Evans
Jean Evans is an expert on all things networking. It is her passion, and one that is borne out of experience and plenty of trial and error, mistakes and mishaps. Through her blogs and social media channels, Jean shares tips, tricks, hacks and ideas on how to become an effective networker in business.

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