Entrepreneurs Networking Coffee Morning – Dundalk – A Network Overview


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Entrepreneurs Networking Coffee Morning – A Network Overview

What It’s All About

Dundalk, County Louth would like to develop its own hub of entrepreneurship where business owners can get together, learn of each other’s businesses and support one another.

On a monthly basis, attendees can build their network that can lead to career advancement, exchanging new ideas and access new opportunities..

The idea is for each entrepreneur to walk away feeling empowered, supported and that attending was well worth their while.

The intention of these events are to gather liked-minded, dynamic people into one space,  to exchange ideas, collaborate and to offer and receive support.

It is a great opportunity to increase business contacts and relationships.

You are invited to join the group as it injects energy, drive and enthusiasm into your business!

Future Plans for the Network

As it grows, workshops will be added based on demands and interests, Ali, your host, will listen and adapt to what is needed by the group while continually looking to enhance the experience

Times & Dates

10am – 12 pm is the time investment.


The cost is free, as it’s hosted by High Tide Experience Management.

9th is the date for each month, so the days of the week change.

You can book online at the booking link below and it’s set up as far as January 2024, as of the date of this published blog.


All the events are hosted in the Imperial Hotel.

Address: 95 Park Street,  A91 VK06,  Dundalk

Where to Book

You can book in to attend each event on the following Eventbrite link.


Hosted By

High Tide is an experience management company based in Dundalk, County Louth.

High Tide help companies organise internal & external creative events that normally take up too much of their time by managing them internally. They manage global projects such as Conferences, Product Launches and Award Ceremonies.

Founder and Managing Director, Ali Molloy, has an in-depth understanding of the event management and marketing industry with experience working with global clients including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Ernst and Young, Zendesk, Qualtrics and Lidl, TIFF and HPE.

She understands the strength of bringing people together and wishes to create a powerful business hub in Dundalk, hence establishing the Entrepreneurs Networking Coffee Morning in Dundalk.


Let’s Connect!

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Let me know your networking questions, qualms, concerns, challenges…and I’ll answer them in future blogs and on my NetworkMe Podcast.

Where Are You Networking?

Did you enjoy and learn more about the Entrepreneurs Networking Coffee Morning – Dundalk – A Network Overview?

If you’d like me to showcase and do a profile on the networks you are involved in, please do make an introduction and I’ll be happy to follow up to find out more!  I can be reached at jean@networkingjean.ie.


Jean Evans
Jean Evans
Jean Evans is an expert on all things networking. It is her passion, and one that is borne out of experience and plenty of trial and error, mistakes and mishaps. Through her blogs and social media channels, Jean shares tips, tricks, hacks and ideas on how to become an effective networker in business.

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