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Are you ready to do business beyond your borders?  Have you heard of the Global Tea Break?  Well, this week I’m here to give you the lowdown on this new(ish) online network.

I had the pleasure of speaking with D. Scott Smith recently…the wonders of Zoom and modern technology, we connected between Oregan, on the west coast of the States, all the way to Greystones in Co Wicklow, Ireland.  I was intrigued with the idea of a Global Tea Break.  As an Irish woman, I’m rather partial to a good cup of tea!

So what do you need to know?

The Lowdown:

The Global Tea Break was established in February 2020, as it happens, on Zoom…you’ll note that they were ahead of the curve as this was before Covid-19.

The Global Tea Break is a community built on trust innovation and support for business owners, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises that want to connect and do business on a global stage. Their mission is to create a platform where they can share ideas, support and encourage innovation. They believe together we are stronger and can change the way we do business on a global scale.


It’s free to register and attend the online networking meetings.


There are generally about 25 businesses in attendance per session and Scott told me that people come together with an abundance mindset of sharing and supporting each other. Currently businesses span USA, Canada, Ireland and UK.

Suitable For:

Generally speaking this is for B2B or business to business organisations.  The range of participants are freelancers, solopreneurs, but also include employees from multinational companies. You can get an idea of the community here.


It’s run at 7am PST or 3pm GMT.  Each networking event lasts 90 minutes and is scheduled for the third Friday of each month.

The dates for the remainder of 2021 are as follows:

  • July: Friday 16th
  • August: Friday 20th
  • September: Friday 17th
  • October: Friday 15th
  • November: Friday 19th
  • December: Friday 17th


The networking meetings are hosted by Alan Hennessey in Ireland and D. Scott Smith in Oregan.

If you are a newbie to the group, you are given the opportunity to chat to the whole group to introduce your business. You can give people your contact details and tell them how to connect in with you.

Teaching Time:

There is 10 minutes teaching time, where a selected member gives an overview of a new product or service that can help the group at large.  This education schedule is managed and curated by Scott and Alan.

Breakout Rooms:

The full group is then divided up to breakout rooms with approx 3 participants per group and each breakout session lasts 15 minutes. The three participants have 5 minutes each to talk about their business, ideal referrals and updates.  A spokesperson is nominated per group and when the full cohort comes back together to the ‘main room’, the spokesperson tells the full group about what each person in their breakout room does.

Amplifying the Relationships:

There is a private Linkedin group for the Global Tea Break community.


The Thursday after each networking event there is an online educational webinar that is run for 45 minutes based on a topic that has been identified as interesting to the group.

Who To Connect With to Find Out More:

The general email is: or you can reach out directly to your Global Tea Break hosts D. Scott Smith or Alan Hennessey.

Getting Social:

Scott manages promotions on his own Twitter account, which you can follow. He also curates a business networking tips page on Facebook. And finally, Alan manages a private Linkedin group on behalf of Global Tea Break, which you can request to join here.

The website is here and you can click to register to attend a meeting here.  Once registered, you’ll get a reminder the day before each monthly session, so you can plan ahead.  Make sure to put the dates above in the diary now, so you make this networking event a default part of your month!


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