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Imagine…getting in the car and making your way up the driveway to this beautiful country house in Rathnew, County Wicklow.

You are surrounded by nature, trees and lush gardens.

You step out of the car and head on into Tinakilly House where a day is set aside just for you.

This is all about YOU.  No one else…just you.

Now smile and let the day unfold and see where it takes you!

The Date & Details

  • 24th September 2023 – Sunday
  • Location: Tinakilly House – Free parking
  • Full Day Event – full details available here
  • The Schedule: This is still a work in progress, so times are not exact yet, but it’s approx from 9am-5pm
  • There are two packages available for this event. All details are listed below so keep on reading!
  • Special offer for July ONLY.

Why Am I Running This Event & Who Is It For?

Are you tired of feeling a sense of discontentment? A feeling that you are running in a race that isn’t yours? Trying to keep other people feeling happy, but not sure what happy for you looks like?

Or maybe you’re in transition and the kids are now at school and you’ve more time on your hands or the kids have left home and it’s time to start focussing on your future and your identity, dreams and aspirations?

Or you’re just feeling stuck. You know there has to be more and it’s time to get unstuck.  Life has happened to you up to now and you’re ready to take the reins. You’re ready to define and design the future you have always dreamed of.

Well, if that’s the case, then keep on reading as I’ll tell you how I came about the idea of running this event.

In 2022, my partner and I had gone through an extremely stressful time of selling his house and my house – a very long story for another day, and we had to move in with my Mum for a few weeks and then into a mobile home for a few months, while our ‘new’ house was being rebuilt – another long story!

I remember sitting in the mobile, on a sunny day thinking, I’d love to run a vision boarding workshop.

Now don’t ask me where that notion came from, because if you know me, it’s quite left of field.

But the idea has stayed with me.

Since then, we’ve moved into the house – it’s still being rebuilt – and then in December 2022, I was told I had cancer.

Another story to tell and you may ask, why am I telling you all this?

Well, Here’s The Why.

I had started my Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching back in October 2022 and while the surgeon told me I should really stop working, I didn’t want to stop everything, so I committed to continuing my Diploma and finishing out with the course.  I have since ticked that box.

I know, I know….where am I leading to with all of this? Well, coaching is all about the present into the future. It’s about helping people get unstuck, set goals, unleash their potential, and have an accountability partner to help make these dreams come true.

Goal Setting

We learned so much about goal setting and the art of goal setting.  And I thought to myself: why don’t we learn this stuff at school and in business courses?

This is knowledge that not too many people have and yet it’s fundamental to peace, serenity, fulfillment, personal satisfaction…and so an idea started brewing.

A Seed Was Sown

I thought to myself: why not make this a day event?  Why not set up a day where people can take time out for themselves to explore, and have a workshop experience, that is different from what’s out there.

And where does the cancer fit into this story?

Batting Away The Procrastination

Well, it took my layer of procrastination away from me…it took my fear away and I thought – just do it – I had a, what I’m calling, a f##k it moment and I booked the venue. So here I am, having planned and designed my Ignite Your Life Retreat!

From there, I thought, what sort of day would I book and would resonate with me?  I’m a busy Mum of 3, days are hectic, and there’s always something or someone pulling at my time. I’m still in cancer treatment but I’m past the worst of it, so slowly trying to build up my stamina.

This idea of doing the event has just stayed with me.  So before I could let myself back out, I posted it across social media and I paid the venue deposit.

So that was that.  It’s happening now and I’m super excited…it’s such a departure for me and I can’t wait.  Why?  Because this is the type of stuff I wish I had learned eons ago.

We need more help in life with how to set goals and work on manifesting and visualising what it is that we really want in life.

But here’s the thing…

We can only effectively set goals if we know what our values, roles and priorities are.

Before I did my course, I had never sat down to work this out or ponder it, which is why I have designed out this day like I have.

I took all of my realisations and aspirations for you and put them together to create this event. I want you to discover:

  • Your values
  • Your priorities
  • Managing your time
  • Developing a vision for your future

Together we are going to calm our minds, create visions and goals for ourselves. We are going to spend time managing our minds and understanding that each and everyone of us has unlimited potential to unleash – once we know how!

The Ignite Your Life Retreat

Yoga & Meditation

We’re going to start the day doing yoga with Cara, followed by meditation to clear the mind and get us all into a relaxed state. You will enjoy a sequence of backbends and heart openers to facilitate the ability to connect to your inner intentions and the deepest desires of your heart.

Begin and end in relaxation with visualisation and intention setting, then flow through a series of Sun Salutations to give energy to the body, backbends, heart opening twists and forward folds to encourage surrender and to allow your entire body to manifest your intentions.

Goal Setting

Then we’re going to explore our inner selves with Jean and learn more about what matters to us.

We’ll look into what our values are, what we stand for, what roles we play in life, the priorities we think we have. We’ll challenge them against the priorities that will enrich us and empower us.

Fire Walking

Then we’re going to have Lynda take us through the empowerment workshop and the safety procedures around the doing the fire walking.  And then you’re going to fire walk!  As Lynda says, ‘don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits and brave the ultimate challenge. A challenge worthy of your bucket list.’

This immersive experience will include breathwork, visualisation and cleanse & release rituals. What goes through the fire never comes out in the same capacity.

This is an experience that will never be forgotten. Whenever you are faced with difficult decisions, you can think back to the strength & courage you had to complete the seemingly impossible task of firewalking.

Vision Boarding Workshop

Then we’ll get into our visionboarding workshop.  You’ll have the opportunity to design out your life under the pillars that matter to you, e.g. career/profession, family, you personally.

In between we’ll have breaks and lunch too, so you’ll be nourished through the day.

All of this is done in a safe environment.  Everyone who attends is here for a purpose.  To take time out to explore what can and will be.  You’re surrounded by like-minded individuals.

It’s going to give you lots of a-ha moments.  It’ll be fun. It will be epic.  It will leave you inspired and ready to take on the world!

I hope you’re ready to Ignite Your Life.

The Packages

There are two packages available and for July only I have a SUPER Special Offer:

Package one is to attend the full-day retreat, and package two is the retreat day plus 2 hours of coaching with Jean, who’ll be your accountability partner in helping you make your visions come true!

Package 1 Includes:

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Morning & Afternoon Refreshments
  • Nourishing Lunch
  • Goal Setting Workshop

Fire Walking & Visualisation

  • Vision Boarding Workshop
  • All Materials for the Day

The investment is: €350 and can be paid via this link.

FOR JULY ONLY €250!!! This can be paid here.

Package 2 Includes:

  • All of the above PLUS
  • 2 x 1 hour coaching calls with Jean to help you achieve your goals or discuss any aspect that is holding you back

The investment is: €500 and can be paid via this link

More About The Fire Walking

Connect with your inner fire. Ignite deep transformation & empowerment from within.

This unique life experience is a compelling tool designed to help you transform fear and inspire you to transcend beyond the expectations of what you believe is possible, resulting in a deeper connection to your power within.

Firewalking will show you the power of the mind and the effect that thoughts and beliefs have on our experience of reality. It’s a powerful way of confronting fear head on trusting your instincts and validating your intuition. Master your emotions and you won’t just walk across coals, you’ll master the fire walk that is life.

When you step into the fire you will discover that you have never felt more alive or been more aware of what you are doing. It opens your eyes and confronts you with your true ability. You detach your ego and learn to really trust your ‘deeper self’.

You’ll learn to dance with the fire in the presence of fear, shift your perspective on what fear really is & have the ability to harness it whenever it arises, transforming fearful situations into opportunities for growth, and, ultimately, transform fear itself into a powerful ally.

Every one of us has desires burning within us. We all yearn for things, but due to our self-imposed limits we don’t follow through on those dreams and desires. Give yourself permission to break free from those shackles that hold you back from being your best and be free to achieve your highest potential.

Those who have once literally gone through the fire only know what they can handle and realise when problems arise that they once faced hotter fires.

Your Facilitators & Teachers are Cara O’Loughlin and Lynda Emmett.  This event is brought to you and facilitated by Jean Evans

About Jean Evans

Jean is a Life, Business & Executive Coach. Having spent 22 years in the corporate world working in tourism and business tourism, she was then made redundant, with her department being closed down. Jean then worked with her partner, Brian, for a number of years in his SME business and had to go out networking as part of the business development process. As she will testify, she was pretty terrible at it, but learned and persevered at it. Jean is a shy introvert and what networking started to uncover for her was a necessity to find her true self, her voice and with that she realised how it impacted her confidence. Jean had spent 22 years feeling incredible self-doubt and imposter syndrome, not feeling that she fit into an extremely extroverted world. Fast forward to 2023, Jean has done multiple years of re-training and has since set up a business coaching, training, speaking and facilitating in the areas of networking. She is passionate about connections and helping business owners and ambitious people to unleash their potential, to understand that they have the permission to be themselves and in doing so, they’ll find their true north and shine.

About Cara O’Loughlin

Cara is an amazing Yoga Instructor and has been teaching Yoga for 15 years with many different trainings under her belt. She began her journey into The Wellness Industry when she realised that working in Residential and Commercial property was not for her and she wanted more out of life. She runs yoga classes and private yoga classes from Bray and organises monthly day retreats to include yoga, hiking, lunch, sea swims and saunas. Cara is also a Life Coach and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach.

Cara will run the yoga workshop and facilitate the mediation to start the day.

About Lynda Emmett

Lynda having her own past plagued by low self-worth anxiety & addictions has dedicated her life’s work & learning journey to empowering as many people as possibly to live the life they were born to live filled with happiness ,purpose & abundance. Breaking free from the shackles of their own minds limits & transcending into their true authentic self. Lynda believes true freedom lies in taking a holistic whole being approach to release & healing by working with the 4 bodies within physical emotional mental & spiritual & Lynda uses a combination of a number of powerful modalities to achieve stellar results.

Lynda will run the fire walking event.

Contact Me:

For more details email me at jean@networkingjean.ie or DM me on socials! I’m at @networkingjean 🙂


Jean Evans
Jean Evans
Jean Evans is an expert on all things networking. It is her passion, and one that is borne out of experience and plenty of trial and error, mistakes and mishaps. Through her blogs and social media channels, Jean shares tips, tricks, hacks and ideas on how to become an effective networker in business.

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