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I always love finding out about new networks to bring you new inspiration for where you can spread your wings and grow your valued networks.  And today’s network is no exception.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Tracey Smolinski, the Connections Queen recently about her network, IntroBiz, which has its origins in Wales. I’m delighted to bring you the lowdown as there is a lot to it!

Let’s Start With Why Introbiz:

Introbiz attracts business owners and organisations which gives you the opportunity to work with an ambitious, professional community.

They are the UK’s only networking organisation to have offered over 10 different types of networking events and facilitates hundreds of business connections via email each year.

Their members’ success is built on over 13 year’s experience with their ‘Power Group’ format, shining a spotlight to not only showcase your business but on the ‘human’ element, which explores unexpected synergies available both at the events, and via referrals.

It’s a supportive community, built on the value of trust – the more we support each other, the more business will be done.

Their mission is not just to provide you with a platform for effective networking, it’s to create a network of symbiotic relationships where business thrives.

Introbiz members are at the heart of everything they do, and they strive to nurture the community as it grows. They pride themselves on providing highly effective connections to every one of their members to help grow their business and life.

Visitor’s Policy

You can visit the online networks a couple of times to get a feel for the IntroBiz community.

Seat Policy

There is an open seat policy within the network.

Online Networking

You can book into an online networking session by clicking here,

There are two options to choose from and you can click the link to book in online.

Each session lasts one hour and each person in attendance has the opportunity of introducing their business to the fellow attendees.

The Investment

There are a number of packages on offer to current and prospective IntroBiz members:

  1. Basic Networker Package – £1000 annually. This offers weekly networking opportunities for members throughout South Wales, Swansea, Sweden, Bristol and West Wales.  Members also receive a copy of Tracey’s book, Master Networking.
  2. Affinity Package – £2000 annually. This includes the weekly networking, plsu new business opportunities guaranteed. The Affinity Package promises 12 relevant connections and 12 features in their external marketing throughout the year.
  3. Affinity Plus Package – £3499 for the year. This includes all of the above, plus a stand (3x2m) at their annual expo, a sponsored event opportunity and a 1/2 page advert in their Annual Expo Magazine.
  4. Expo Seminar Package – £3499 for the year. This includes the Basic Networker package membership, plus a stand at the Expo, a full page advertisement. a seminar slot, database for those who granted permission for their data to be shared from the seminar attendance, pre and post marketing exposure for the expo.
  5. Expo Bundle Package – £3499 for the year. All of what is part of option 4, with the change of a handout given to all attendees and a half page advertisment.
  6. Exposure Bundle – £1999 for the year which includes the Basic Networker package, a monthly follow up call with the Introbiz team, 5 pre & post Expo external feature campaigns, 5 introductions to relevant businesses guaranteed, 5 ‘Weekly News’ features – advertise your business news on our public newsletter and a free consultation with their recommended business mentors to give you relevant advice.
  7. Brand Partner Package – £5000 for the year. This offers the company in question, the opportunity to be the official brand partner of Introbiz affording year round marketing coverage, including your logo on all events material (digital and print), a full summary of your business at each in-person event (excluding social events), weekly features in all external marketing, branding banners at each event, follow up email marketing campaign to all attendees with a feature of your company and the current services you offer and one seminar event opportunity – a two-hour event to showcase the solutions your business or industry provides.

IntroBiz Podcast

There are a few older editions of the podcast from IntroBiz members and you can have a listen to them here. Here are a few of the benefits of the podcast for members:

  • Promoting your business and brand to a captive audience
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your area of expertise and knowledge
  • Encourages trust to be built between you and potential clients
  • Your audience can really get to know you
  • Advertised to 100,000 followers and promoted across their various social media plaforms, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and their weekly campaign email
  • You can give specific insights and reviews of past and future events

Franchise Opportunities

For those with a hunger to start their own local networking group, Tracey has a franchise opportunity available to you. You can find out more here.

IntroBiz Training Academy

Tracey runs a 5 week networking course that is currently running at a price of £997. This can be booked online.

Connecting with IntroBiz

Their HQ office is based out of Cardiff so all snailmail can be posted to:

Trafalgar House, 05 Fitzalan Pl, Cardiff, CF24 0ED

Prefer to Chat?

You can dial in to reach them at

+44 (0)2920 291 002 and on mobile at

+44 (0)7581 564371

If you prefer to go digital, here on the deets that you need.

You can email for further details and follow on their socials to learn more:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | YouTube


Don’t forget to mention that you read about the Introbiz network here on the NetworkingJean – NetworkMe blog and tell them Jean said to pay a visit!


Jean Evans
Jean Evans
Jean Evans is an expert on all things networking. It is her passion, and one that is borne out of experience and plenty of trial and error, mistakes and mishaps. Through her blogs and social media channels, Jean shares tips, tricks, hacks and ideas on how to become an effective networker in business.

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