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I just loved my conversation with Pinky Ghadiali.  What a powerhouse of a lady!  I got to chat with her on her mission, her purpose and her dreams for her budding network, so in this blog I bring you – A Network Overview.  Stationed in Scotland – Edinburgh to be precise, this is a network with a difference.

The Name:

Ok, so let’s start with her name – Pinky. How awesome and what a conversation starter. Basically her parents couldn’t decide on a name and Pinky is normally a nickname.  At the time of her birth registration, no name had been chosen, so her nickname stuck and so it was!

The Journey:

Pinky is a qualified and ex practicing optometrist.  Essentially, the long story short is that she was bored and really was not satisfied with her work.  But one thing that her work did bring was an opportunity to speak with clients. Her colleagues knew that when Pinky was in the building, more tissues were needed. Pinky said that they didn’t come for their eyes, but rather for her listening skills. She realised she had a knack of getting people to open up and they would share their stories, woes, pains, dreams and aspirations.

And so a journey into coaching started and Pinky is now a mindset coach.  You can follow her journey and access her training here on her Facebook page.  She focusses on mindset, unleashing the inner brave within women who are feeling imposter syndrome, a lack of belief and a lack of direction.  Her mission is for women to understand how to empower themselves, to get noticed, to get visible and to grow their confidence.

When women grow their confidence, they have the ability to step into their power and promote themselves. There is so much talent out there, however many women don’t share their talent or their successes…and yet if they don’t talk about it, no one will ever know. In, Pinky offers a non judgemental space for women to grow and to explore their potential.

How Came About:

As Pinky progressed with her journey, she realised that a lot of networks were ‘pale, male and stale’ and she identified a huge gap in the market for an inclusive and diverse female network, where members could grow, learn and share their experiences and support one another with advice and guidance.  She wanted a safe space for women to be able to discuss the various challenges that they were and are facing on a daily basis, both as businesswomen and career women.

It all started in Edinburgh and pre Covid-19, events were held in person.  Pinky branched out into Glasgow and had intentions of expanding right through the UK. Covid hit and as with all networks, she moved her business online, which is proving to be seredipitous as she aspires to be a global network.

Currently the network boasts 500 members. 80% reside in the UK, with membership now growing in Canada and the US. Pinky has her sights on Australia for expansion and sees truly being a global network to enable women to truly realise their potential. Her ambitious goal is to help 1 million women by 2025 to succeed.

Who is This Network For:

Female entrepreneurs, business women, career women, female leaders.  Members cross both the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) spaces.

What Lies Ahead:

They say ‘go big or go home’ and in case you didn’t know, it takes as much energy to think small as it does to think big, so why play small?  And that is exactly what Pinky is doing. She hired a coach to help guide her through her vision for the business and she’s got a lofty goal of 1 million members across the globe. And when you speak to Pinky, listen to her story, understand her motivation and passion, I’ve no doubt that this lady will achieve her dream.

The Investment:

The cost of annual membership is £299 or this can be paid on a monthly basis for £29.99.

10% of all proceeds to go the Foundation to support women facing discrimination, harassment and bullying.

What’s Included in Your Membership:

  • Monthly coffee morning. This runs the 2nd Friday of each month from 10-11am
  • Lunch & learn. This runs from 1-2pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month
  • Speed networking. This runs 6-7pm on 2nd Tuesday of each month
  • Access to LIFTED Inclusion and Diversity events
  • Downloadable gratitude journal and downloadable weekly journal
  • Access to Mastermind Group which is run every two months
  • Unlimited access to all resources and templates on the website
  • Access to app which includes the membership directory, resources, rewards and more

Stepping It Up:

And if you feel that you’d like to upscale and branch out further with more support, for a further £49.99 per quarter, you can access the Mastermind Group. This package also includes:

  • All of the above, but access to two speed networking events, rather than one
  • 30 minutes coaching per month on mindset topics
  • Podcast interview on Netwomen Uncut
  • Opportunity to speak at speed networking and lunch & learn events
  • Interview with Netwomen to be hosted on website, social and YouTube

Events are informal and fun. Pinky encourages a maximum of 25 participants per group. Breakout rooms are set up for 6 minutes in order to facilitate 1-2-1 conversations and allow people the opportunity to ask questions.

Visitor Policy

Visitors are welcomed for one visit before making a decision on whether to join the network or not.  They are encouraged to make a donation to the foundation that supports women who are in toxic work situations.


Pinky has 7 ambassadors who support the development and growth of

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