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A bit like my reading interests, the podcasts that I listen to are also diverse and eclectic.

Sometimes my choice is based on mood, interests, or an interesting conversation that I have had along the way during week.  Sometimes it’s something I want to know more about or get additional information to support what I am reading – you never know where the inspiration will come from!

And whatever way the universe works, I tend to be reading about something and then come across a heap of podcasts focussing on an area I’m interesed in at that time! It all aligns.

My interests span self development, networking, sales, business development, marketing, business strategy, coaching and leadership for the most part, so that will give you an idea for why I’ve listed out these choices.

I’ve divided out the podcasts I listen to into Irish podcasts and international podcasts that cover my areas of interest.  Some of these might overlap with your interests and indeed spark new ideas for your business or your career.

Why Did I Choose to Share This Information?

Well, one thing I have learned along the way is that when you are in a position of mentor or in leadership, people watch and look at what you are doing.

I wanted to share where I get inspiration and guidance from.  Listening to podcasts is a form of mentorship from afar.

I wanted to shoutout and support the podcasters putting great content out there for us to consume and learn from.   I guarantee there isn’t a topic you need to learn about for business, mindset, performance, confidence, connection…you’ll find a host of inspiration from any or all of the podcasts I list below.  I guarantee it!

Conversation Skills

People so very often get anxiety about what to talk about at networking events.  People often say ‘I’m bad at small talk’ or ‘I hate chit chat’.

One way to help with this is to widen what you are listening to and reading, plus focus on who you are hanging out with. The quality of what you listen to and read; the people you associate with will have a direct correlation to your conversational skills.

Source of Inspiration

I get lots of ideas and start meshing them together. They give me inspiration for new blogs, social posts and podcasts.  The knowledge learned enriches my conversations and makes sure I’m on trend and on point with what is current in each of my areas of interest.


Another observation that dawned on me today is about the voices we are listening to, i.e. how diverse is the content you are hearing? Different regions and geographies, different voices by gender or colour or, and I say this as a white woman – are you listening to all white podcasters? Is it time to mix it up and widen the perspectives you are leaning into?

Have a think about it.  Diversity is a hot topic right now and I deeply feel that it should be reflected in our reading, our listening, our learning, our networks, our friendships and our conversations!

My List

Here is the list of podcasts that I currently delve into regularly. I’m sure I’ve missed some so I’ll add them from time to time, but I’d love to hear your recommendations too.  Who do you love listening to and learning from?

Irish Podcasts

Catch Up with Louise McSharry.  If you’re like me, and you’ve gone off listening to the incessant negativity on the radio, this is a great podcast to listen to in order to keep up to date. Louise speaks and converses with a variety of guests to cover current affairs, entertainment, environment and much more.  It’s a great listen to keep up to date with all that matters, particularly in Ireland, but also abroad.  This is your current affairs catch up, as it’s aptly named.

Master Your Business with Deirdre Martin.  This podcast drills down on the practicalities of running a successful business, covering marketing, strategy and much more.

Monaghan Women in Business Podcast with various guests.  This is a brand new podcast done in conjunction with LEO Monaghan to support the Monaghan Women in Business Network.

The Glasshouse Podcast with Siobhan Kelly.  This podcast focusses on leadership in the modern era.  What skills do the leaders of today need to embrace and what is now ‘old school’.  Siobhan is a recruitment consultant and heads up the company Mosaic Recruitment.

The Achiever’s Club Podcast with Denise Fay. Denise is a marketing strategist and expert. She breaks down the science of marketing into bitesize and practical tips that business owners can implement with ease. She also runs a community and monthly membership where she helps business owners with content and marketing strategies to help their business grow.

What’s Important To Podcast with James Dean.  James interviews an eclectic mix of business owners from across the Irish business community.  I was honoured to be James’ 47th guest and you can listen to my interview with him here.

NetworkMe with Jean Evans.  This is my own podcast which I’ve just relaunched in June 2023 due to an unexpected hiatus and required break for personal reasons. I’m so thrilled to be back to dissect and chat on all areas of networking, from mindset to tips, conversations with business owners on how networking has helped them succeed in life and in business. I also chat with career professionals about how networking has accelerated their careers.

Happier at Work with Aoife O’Brien.  Aoife’s podcast spans a myriad of conversations around culture and better work practice.  Aoife is passionate about improving company culture and explores how we can have happier workplaces.

Coffee with Colm with Colm O’Brien.  If you haven’t met Colm, start with his ‘Man on the Train’ episode and this will give you such a great feel for where Colm was and the moment that led Colm to where he is in life and in business! No relation to Aoife, by the way!

The Game of Teams with Tara Nolan.  I was introduced to this podcast by a friend and enjoy listening to the discussions and interviews hosted by Tara on leadership, team development and performance.

Mindset Success Strategies with Anne Marie Graham – this link is to register to receive Anne Marie’s weekly mindset coaching tips.  A short listen to put a pep in your step!

International Podcasts

Inclusion and Marketing with Sonia Thompson. I’m new to Sonia’s podcast and really enjoying her take on diversity and inclusion in marketing. It’s refreshing to listen to new perspectives in marketing.

Online Marketing Made Easy  with Amy Porterfield. Amy is a staple in my listening reportoire and one that I turn to a lot, both for good content, but also for the feel good factor of how she comes across in terms of passion, content, but also being honest and authentic. She brings in so many great guests so I always get to expand my point of view and perspective as I listen to her diverse range of guests.

Marketing Companion with Mark Schaefer.  Many a laugh out loud moment has been had while I’ve been listening to Mark shoot the breeze on all things marketing.  He used to have a co host and now rotates a number of co hosts.  Always an interesting listen.  Mark also is a prolific author for all areas of marketing from Twitter, blogging, influencer marketing and more – highly recommend his books!

Science of Success with Matt Bodner.  I have to say that this is one of my instant go to podcasts regardless of mood.  The topics are always super interesting and informative. Another one of my regular podcast listens – if I’m not sure what I want, then I start here. So much great content!

The Marie Forleo Podcast with Marie Forleo. Bite size learning is what I get from listening to Marie.  She is extremely upbeat and insightful.  I have recommended her book, Everything is Figureoutable a number of times across social, so if you read this and then link in to the podcasts by Marie, you’ll get her vibe.

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller. Easy to listen to business advice from Donald covering a myriad of topics. Short snappy episodes, sometimes solo and sometimes with interviews. I always like when the podcasts have a mix of content and speakers!

Imperfect Action with Steph Taylor. Australian based Steph talks about all areas of marketing from messaging, content to podcasting and all the colours of marketing!

Success Story with Scott D Clary. This is one I dip in and out of depending on the topic and interest levels. I do love a good success story!

Small Business Made Simple with Jenn Donovan. Jenn is Australian based entrepreneur who runs a podcast to help her local SME community.  She breaks things down in a super simple fashion which is very digestable and manageable.  An easy listen for some sage advice and business support.

The Mel Robbins Podcast with Mel Robbins. I’m not always in the mood for Mel but I do enjoy the episodes I listen to. She gets some great guests. As with everything in life, not everyone’s style will hit the right note, but if there is a topic that grabs me, I’ll be sure to give a listen in.

Business Accelerator with Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller. Straight talking and high powered business advice and guidance from highly accomplished business owners and strategists.

Natural Born Coaches with Marc Mawhinney. Marc dissects and concentrates on all areas of marketing from business growth to marketing, mindset and everything in between. Great for newbie and growing coaching businesses.

Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher. Spritely and enthusiastic Jenna breaks down all areas of business from sales, to marketing, mindset to time management. She has an upbeat tone and vibe which I like.

Netwomen.co with Pinky Ghiadali. Pinky is the founder of the UK based and US/Canada expanding network, Netwomen.co. She is a a DEIB specialist and speaks to all areas of women in business, networking, inclusion and diversity. This is a must listen to expand your horizon on all areas of business and career.


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