Revitalise Connecting People Business Events – Network Overview


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Revitalise Connecting People Business Events – Network Overview

I love finding out about new networks and showcasing them on my blog so that I can share them with my community. So today I am winging my way to Scotland.

I was recently connected to Lee Foster, Owner and Founder of Revitalise Connecting People Limited, by Ian Shapiro who (strangely enough!) thought that we’d have a lot in common, so Lee and myself sat down over a Zoom call to discuss his network.

Here’s my Revitalise Connecting People Business Events – Network Overview.

Lee invites you to come and be part of Scotland’s most people focused networking community. And here’s the great news, he’s gone national through the UK and is branching out into Ireland too with his Revitalise Connecting People Business events.

Keep reading to find out more and check out the upcoming dates if you’d like to visit.

I started by asking Lee a little bit about his background. He said, ‘I have over 25 years experience in business development in the Hospitality, Motor Industry, Travel Industry and now running my own Networking business with Revitalise Connecting People Limited.’

Given that there are numerous networks and networking opportunities in the UK, why did Lee feel it necessary to set up his own network and networking events?  Well, the answer is quite simple.  People didn’t know how to network and the facilitation and education around how to network was poor, so he set about making a difference after coming away frustrated from bad experiences at events and meetings he’d attended.

And so, Revitalise Connecting People Business Events was born. Here’s what you need to know.


Revitalise Connecting People Business Events are all on Zoom at the moment. Face to face events occured in Scotland, but since going online, Lee has branched out to host National UK events also. He has recently entered the Irish marketplace and is looking at new locations in the UK. The North East of England is next on the cards.


  • Ireland Revitalise Connecting People Business Events are hosted on the first Wednesday of each month.
  • National UK Revitalise Business Connects are hosted on the last Wednesday of each month.

Who Can Attend?

Revitalise Connecting People Business Events is a network for B2B and B2C businesses. Although most businesses are of UK origin, Lee’s network is growing rapidly and he has members from Ireland, Canada, Bulgaria and America.

What to Expect

Lee has adapted and continued to edit his networking events.

Events have a guest speaker who speaks on a particular topic for about 20 minutes or alternatively two speakers for 10 minutes each. The topics are led by the networking community, around what they would like to hear and learn about.

Lee then sets up breakout rooms for business owners and professionals to network and get to know each other. There are two 1-2-1 sessions throughout each networking meeting.

As Lee has sponsors for his events, the sponsors get to lead and facilitate the breakout sessions in order to get further exposure for their businesses.

There is no general session of 60 second elevator pitches during these events.

Membership Tiers

There are four different ways to get involved in Revitalise Connecting People Business Events:

  1. 30 for 30 – this is a month taster to get involved in Lee’s activities and includes access to events within the month and a networking accountability session with Lee.
  2. Networker – this package includes access to an event, an accountability network session, member insight session, network monthly playbook and 12 month’s subscription for a Digital Business Card.
  3. Sponsor – this package includes all of the elements above in the Networker package, plus the opportunity to do a two minute event intro, host a breakout room and have the company logo advertised.
  4. Networker Plus – this is a one off package with a 3 month (90 day) duration. It includes a set up session, 90 day plan and goal setting, social media accountability and involvement in a Q&A panel.


The first visit to Revitalise Connecting People Business Events is free of charge. There after each visit is bookable on Eventbrite and is charged at £15 or €15, depending on the jurisdiction.

  1. 30 for 30: £30 to cover the month – one off payment.
  2. Networker: £50 per month or 6 month subscription for £300.
  3. Sponsor: £80 per month or 6 month subscription for £480.
  4. Networker Plus: £180 – one off payment.

Other Things To Note

Generally speaking, most networks, unless they are female only, tend to be predominantly male, so I was delighted to hear that Lee’s network is 60:40 male to female. This is very encouraging.

Lee also invested in the networking technology HIO social, so you can create an account on his website to instantly start connecting and networking with like-minded businesses.


I am delighted to say that I will be making an appearance at the Revitalise Connecting People Business Events Ireland edition on 5th May, so watch out for that. I’ll be speaking about confidence and where networking fits in to your overall growth and development.

Getting Connected with Lee Foster and Revitalise Connecting People Business Events

You can email him, tweet him, call him, whatsapp him, organise a review of your network here and book into one of his upcoming events on Eventbrite. His Facebook page connects his network.

He has a swanky digital business card, thanks to Pramaze and that is a home for all his contacts and details.

The website is currently being revamped, so keep an eye out on it for Lee’s latest updates.


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