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Continuing on with the network overviews, this blog focusses on the Roscommon Business Group, a relatively new addition to the Co Roscommon business landscape. This network was started in 2019 by Peter Garvey.

His vision is for an encouraging and non competitive community of business owners to build up valuable business relationships in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The Lowdown

The Roscommon Business Group is an online networking group and business directory for small and medium-sized businesses. The group directory works as a business profile for the members, while the public can access it to find the local service providers. This helps the members to grow their business on the digital platform.

The core values of this group are to connect, grow and educate their members.

At Roscommon Business Group, they’re a group of like-minded people who want to develop their businesses and their abilities. Many of members are based in Co. Roscommon, but some come from further afield.

Their members cover a wide range of sectors, but they all have one thing in common: a unique set of skills and experiences to share, no matter what stage they’re at on their business journey.

The group gives members the opportunity to:

  • Make valuable business connections
  • Learn more about growing our businesses
  • Help each other to solve problems
  • Build up supportive friendships

Who Can Join

Business owners from small and medium sized enterprises, who want to grow themselves and their business. This is a B2B network.

When and Where

Meetings are run online every second Friday from 8.30am – 9.30am.

Every 3 months the group meets in person. Their events and further details can be found on the website, which I’ve listed below, alongside their socials.


The agenda follows a typical networking format as follows:

  1. Business Pitches: These give us the chance to briefly introduce our businesses and describe what’s new. At each meeting, one member is given the floor to discuss their business in more detail. Visitors often join us, so we get to hear from and share with new contacts regularly.
  2. Education Slots: These short seminars help us to upskill and explore new opportunities. For example, members may learn about an aspect of marketing, or consider the benefits of emerging technologies.
  3. Thank Yous and Referrals: This is an opportunity to acknowledge how other group members have helped each other over the past few weeks.


80% attendance is required to adhere to the RBG’s requirements, plus one 1-2-1 per month.

There is no requirements to do paperwork or bring visitors, so there is a more relaxed approach in this network.

Members don’t have any targets to meet; instead, the mission is to naturally support and recommend other group members when there is the opportunity (and have the favour returned!)

Seat Policy

There is a one seat per profession policy.


€400 is payable by bank transfer per annum.

Business Directory Listing

Member businesses have their own bio on the Roscommon Business Group website page in their business directory, thereby enhancing each member’s digital presence.

Connecting with the Roscommon Business Group

Peter Garvey is the man in charge and he can be reached by:

Mobile: +353 (0)86 165 4761



Snail Mail: Roscommon Town, Co. Roscommon

Getting Social: Facebook & Linkedin


Want to know more about 1-2-1s and why they are important to optimise and maximise your networking efforts?  You can read more about them in my blog What is a 1-2-1 and Why They Are Important.

Jean Evans
Jean Evans
Jean Evans is an expert on all things networking. It is her passion, and one that is borne out of experience and plenty of trial and error, mistakes and mishaps. Through her blogs and social media channels, Jean shares tips, tricks, hacks and ideas on how to become an effective networker in business.

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