Jean is a professional member of the Professional Speaking Association and is a seasoned speaker, trainer and facilitator, who is absolutely passionate about spreading the word and sharing the love about all areas and facets of networking!

If you’d like an energetic, no-holds-barred, frank, open, heartfelt, practical and experienced view on how networking can pay dividends for careers, business and professions, then get in contact with Jean today to find out more.

Who Books Jean

Jean speaks in a vast array of companies, businesses and organisations, including:

  • Community groups
  • Associations
  • Business networks
  • Local, national and international businesses
  • Female networks in business
  • Female networks within associations or companies
  • Talent, Culture and HR Managers looking for workplace training for their managers, graduates and senior leaders
  • Networking organisations that want to help their members grow their networking abilities
  • Conference and event organisers who would like to enhance how their delegates connect

Topics Include:

These are a few ideas of topics that I have spoken on recently. I am happy to jump on a call to discuss your particular requirements so that the content is tailored to your audience and desired outcomes.

  • Networking for success
  • Networking for career success
  • How to grow your confidence through networking
  • Networking to generate referrals for your business
  • How to build trust through networking
  • The impact of internal networking in organisations
  • Networking in a hybrid world
  • Networking as a wellbeing activity
  • Networking for introverts
  • Developing the networking mindset
  • How to network for success
  • Gen Z networking
  • How to develop your networking superpower
  • How networking impacts the DEI agenda (diversity, inclusion, equality)
  • Going from invisible to visible with networking
  • How to start networking

Where I Speak:

  • I can speak virtually and online where required, although I do have a preference for speaking in person. The energy and the learning is greatly enhanced in a face-to-face context.
  • I speak in corporates, memberships, organisations, networks, companies, chambers and more.
  • I enjoy guest speaking on podcasts and LinkedIn Lives.
  • I speak locally, nationally and internationally.
  • I often do masterclasses, lunch and learns, or evening soirees as a guest speaker.

Previous Clients Include:

  • AIB
  • Irish Tax Institute
  • Institute of Directors
  • Executive PA Forum Summit
  • DCU Invest
  • THRIVE with Dundalk Institute of Technology
  • Drury
  • Network Ireland
  • CPA Ireland
  • Engineers Ireland
  • Law Society of Ireland
  • Taste4Success Skillnet
  • South Dublin Chamber
  • Tipperary Chamber and Skillnet
  • Monaghan Women in Business Network
  • Cavan Women in Business Network
  • Dublin City Women’s LEO Network

You can check out Jean’s recommendations via the testimonials here, or on Jean’s LinkedIn profile which you can access here.

How to Book Jean

Let’s connect, discuss and start planning a wonderfully impactful event.

Step 1: Let’s connect on email. jean@networkingjean.ie and organise a Zoom call to connect virtually. You can also book a call with me directly via my Calendly link.

Let’s have a chat about your needs, ideas, the challenges currently faced and the desired outcomes.

Step 2: Based on the discussion, I will put a proposal together to mirror back my understanding the event objectives and share my ideas for the event.

Step 3: We’ll get the date in the diary, finalise venue and logistics as required, including technical details.

Step 4: I’ll share my media pack with you, so you have my bio, photos and anything else that you require for developing the promotional collateral. If required, I can also do a little minute long intro video that can be used for promotional purposes to help generate interest in the event.

Step 6: I will ask you to share any graphics and tag me on social media so I can comments, like and support the promotional efforts. Likewise if the graphics for the event are sent to me at jean@networkingjean.ie, I’ll reshare and support with my own posts that go out to my social media channels.

Step 7: If a PO is required for invoicing purposes, please send on your supplier set up forms to my email, so this can be managed promptly. If you have a file with all the invoicing details, email, named contact, please send this as quickly as possible for administrative purposes.

Step 8: I always like to have a quick call in advance of the day itself to see if anything has changed, to field any questions, understand registration numbers, demographics of attendees etc, so that I can ensure the content is tailored to the audience to maximise the impact.

Step 9: Feedback is always encouraged. Without feedback we can’t improve, so I’d love to hear your thoughts after the event. I will also connect to get a testimonial and recommendation as this helps me spread the word and connect further to more people about how valuable networking is!