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My network review deepdive for this edition of my blog is the VBON or the Virtual Business Owners Network.

The Virtual Business Owners Network is hosted by the experienced business professional, Alec Drew.  He started this group during Covid in response to a lack of active networking groups available when the pandemic hit.  It has grown to a community of 200 businesses who attend as suits their schedules.

As always, with any network, the more consistent and active you are, the better results you will yield.  Alec says that they ‘know from speaking with those who attend regularly that considerable business is being done by members meeting with other members after the events.’

The Virtual Business Owners Network (VBON) is a proven platform for business owners and decision makers to meet in the right environment for their mutual benefit. This is about building a network of people who understand clearly what you offer and who can help you find new business opportunities.

By building relationships you get the added benefit of meeting like minded people who support each other by identifying real business opportunities and collaborations. 

Here’s everything you need to know:


Fridays at 10am for 1 hour.


On Zoom

Seat Policy

There is an open seat policy so all interested business owners are welcome to join the community.


This network operates free of charge.


During the hour there is a short presentation on a business topic with tips that you can use. After the presentation, the attendees are divided up into breakout rooms.

Present to the Group

Every member of the Virtual Business Owners Network is invited to deliver a presentation on topics that showcase their knowledge and have value to the other members.  Generallly the presentations are 10 minutes long with 5 minutes for Q&A, however the full 15 minutes can be used if required.

You can register your interest to present by emailing Alec the following details:

  • Talk title and short descriptor
  • Your bio and photo
  • Suggested date

How to Register

You can register here to receive the zoom link for the meeting.

About Alec

Alec Drew is The Business Expert. He is a serial networker and knows the value of building lasting relationships.

He has more than forty years experience across four sectors and was a member of Ireland’s leading network organisation Dublin Chamber for more than thirty years. 

He is a radio show host, a Certified Virtual Speaker and a member of both the Professional Speaking Association and Global Speakers Federation.

Find out more on

To Connect and Find Out More About The Virtual Business Owners Network, You Can Connect Here:

Website | Email Alec | +353 87 271 1955 | Alec on Linkedin


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Jean Evans
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