Why You Need to Hire A Coach


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Why You Need to Hire A Coach

When I departed the corporate world, due to redundancy, I entered the SME world in Ireland. I realised I didn’t know anyone in the general business environment. I needed to get out and about to meet other business owners. Therein started my networking journey in 2017.

I was amazed, and continue to be amazed, at the number of businesses out there. Business owners running businesses of all different shapes and sizes.

One group in particular that was new to me were coaches.  There are so many coaches out there.  There literally is a coach for everything. Life coach, career coach, career transition coach, business coach, executive coach, leadership coach, nutritional coach, health coach, teenager coach. parenting coach, style coach…the list goes on.

I didn’t realise that this was an industry when I left my corporate bubble. I didn’t get it, but I listened. And I listened and I learned.

I’ve switched my scepticism to absolute faith and belief that we all need coaches.

Now, I’m not a particularly fluffy, abstract person, so I favour logic, action, results, accuracy…but let me tell you…coaches are everything.

No-one succeeds alone, so if you want to win, I couldn’t recommend highly enough that you get a coach or different coaches into your life, depending on where you are with your mind, your life and your business.

If you are ambitious for your career or your business, then have a serious think about the value they’ll bring to your table.

No elite athlete, business person or career professional makes it to the top without a coach. They help draw out the best of you.

Of the many realisations, I’ve had through my networking journey, is that there are a few people you need to have in your life, be it for your career or for your business and one of the groups of people is coaches.  You can also watch my video here.

Think about Rafa Nadal, Kellie Harrington, Tiger Woods, Simone Bilas, Leona Maguire….did these giants of sport reach their goals and achieve their dreams alone?

Well the answer is, they didn’t.

They all had coaches. Because coaches see what we can’t see. They are objective and help us delve deep into our resevoirs of potential to unlock and unleash our best selves.

They bring clarity to a confused mind.

They help create accountability to help us move forward.

Networking is a great way to meet coaches. And bit by bit, you’ll see who you need in your life to achieve your lofty dreams.

No-one succeeds alone.

No-one can achieve their ambitions without the cheerleading, support and back up from others and this is often where coaches come to the fore and into their own.

So I touched base with a number of coaches in my network to ask them their opinion on why people should engage a coach.  I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

Here are a few thoughts and ideas to get you thinking about the benefits of engaging a coach and I hope that’ll you be convinced about why you need to hire a coach.

But enough of my thoughts on this.

Let me tell you what these master coaches had to say on the topic of why you need to hire a coach. I asked them all to give me five reasons, and as you’d expect there was some overlap, so I’ve amalgamated their input to create these reasons!

As Marcell says: The best knowledge always starts with an amazing question.

  1. To gift yourself a thinking partner that creates the space and time for you to do some deep thinking without being distracted by everything else in life.
  2. To enable you to navigate pivotal moments in life. A coach is not emotionally invested in the outcome.  A good coach won’t give you directions or answer but will help you tap in your inner knowing and create clarity for yourself.
  3. Super charge your potential by creating self awareness. A coach will help you dig deep and understand your values, beliefs, the roles you have taken on in life. You will free yourself of the clutter and have space for all that you really want in life.
  4. Boost your self confidence. A coach will enable you to bank on your previous successes and create strategies to tap into the good feelings you have already experienced to create more.
  5. If you want to create real success in life and business, a coach will help you shine a light on what success is for you and create a path to have more of what you want in any aspect of your life.
  6. Creates an insurance policy by creating accountability. You have skin in the game.
  7. Helps us to challenge our perspectives, attitude and mindset.
  8. Growth (through change and more self-awareness).
  9. Enables and empowers us take responsibility for our results and increase performance.
  10. Gives us focus/focused thoughts from which we will take more focused actions.
  11. You are the best expert of yourself. A coach is someone who helps you to build a new connection to yourself in a different way to discover your potential.
  12. Usually your problem is your solution but you are stuck in the problem box which doesn’t allow you to see another way around. The coach doesn’t want to give you  advice from another box. He/she wants to help you to discover and understand your box better. This understanding help you to jump out from your box.
  13. You arrive with a challenge and usually you finish your journey with many more treasures that you’d never have expected before the starting.
  14. Buys you speed. You will get to where you want quicker. High return on investment for relatively low investment.
  15. Act of self-care. A place to be really heard and be seen…a good coach will coactively hold space and keep your agenda front and centre.
  16. Clarity – Helps get you clear on what you want..most people have no idea.
  17. Brings integrity to a vision/dream/goal.
  18. Safe space, unbiased forum where you get to explore whatever is on your mind… the coach has no skin in the game.
  19. Coaches can be used in business, in life or for your career.
  20. Coaches are trained to focus on “the who” not “the what” and thus enable the client to develop a solution that works for them.
  21. Objectivity. A coach provides challenge, works on the basis that the coachee knows the answer themselves and works to unlock it.
  22. Develops self awareness and reflection in the coachee.
  23. Helps support coachee through change and decision making.
  24. To work and banish self doubt and low self worth.
  25. To reconnect with your true purpose so you can create your dream life.
  26. To eliminate imposter syndrome.
  27. Fast track your desired results for life.
  28. To achieve the best version of yourself and find balance in your life.

So many ideas and thoughts and that’s just a few ideas of what a coach brings to the table.  Huge thanks to my contributors for this article.

Which point or points resonate with you?

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