Your Holistic Academy – A Network Overview


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Your Holistic Academy – A Network Overview

I’m excited to branch out to showcase a network of a different nature this week.

Your Holistic Academy works to bring together practitioners and business owners from all backgrounds and walks of life.  This might cover across areas such as osteopaths, chiropracters, physiotherapists etc.

John Donnelly had the foresight to establish Your Holisitic Academy to enable and offer a platform for practitioners, therapists and coaches to come together, so that they might share experiences and learn from each other.  He wanted to help the community to take action, a different action and move them along the paradign to creating better results for their businesses.

One of the members, Patrick Mercie, runs two networking events within the Academy.

Networking Opportunity Number 1 – Tuesdays at 6pm-7pm

This hour is open to all practitioners and any businesses that service them, such as accountants, website developers, solicitors etc.

The format involves a guest speaker chatting on a specific topic for 20 minutes, 25 minutes Q&A.  A breakout room lasting 15 minutes, ensures that members and guests get to network and connect.

Networking Opportunity Number 2 – Wednesdays 7.30pm – 8.30pm

This hour is open for members only, of which there are currently 50.

Becoming a Member

The membership is expanding rapidly and there are lofty ambitions to have at least 500/1000 members by end 2021.  Currently the membership spans Ireland, UK, USA and Northern Ireland.

If you would like to get involved in the Academy or like to try out the networking events, please reach out to Patrick Mercie here.

Speaker’s Corner

Another benefit of the YHA membership is the opportunity to get speaking experience. As with any business, speaker is a great avenue to generate more awareness of your business in order to generate new leads for your business.  But for many people, there aren’t a huge amount of opportunities to fine tune the skill.  And with that came the advent of the Speaker’s Corner.

Speaker’s Corner is open to members and non-members at a respective cost of €10 and €20.

How it Works

A topic is chosen.  Three members are engage to speak on the topic.  There are two breakout rooms organised to facilitate some all important networking. This is followed by a Q&A panel.

Speakers then have the opportunity to go forward to speak at an Ireland Together event and this allows for practice and also to get feedback.

As members get more experience, they also get the opportunity to be put forward for paid speaking events, which can become a new revenue source for many businesses in the holistic arena.  This might include opportunities to speak at corporate events for wellness weeks, as an example.

Patrick’s Radio Show on

Patrick also hosts a radio show on from Monday 12-1pm. He chats to a guest each week on all areas of health, wellbeing and uniquely, the show begins with a positive rant, as Patrick calls it.  Tune in and get in contact with Patrick for more details if you’d like to be a future interviewee!

Benefits of Joining the YHA Membership

YHA offers a global online platform for Holistic Practitioners and the businesses that serve them to increase their business and success through collaboration and opportunities.

  • You are looking to raise your profile and promote your business
  • Improve your marketing knowledge and implementation
  • If you don’t have a website, you can leverage the website to promote your services, products and courses through your own landing page
  • Opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and peers
  • Learn how to create & develop your own products, courses, videos and books
  • Chance to learn how to set up an affilitate programme
  • Develop strategies to help grow your business
  • Get in front of a global audience
  • Networking opportunities, twice a month.
  • Share problems and listen to solutions

Collaboration with Ireland Together

Patrick and the team at Your Holistic Academy have been collaborating with Ireland Together for the past few months to bring new content to this community.  This allows for a sharing of speakers and topics.


To join, you can click here.  There is an annual charge of €300 or you can pay by monthly installments of €30.

How to Connect with YHA

Their website is Your Holistic Academy.  All events are bookable through the website.

You can like, follow and share content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.


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